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There will be a PCC meeting on Thursday the 2nd of May at HR.

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Almighty and eternal God, who has taken up into the glory of Heaven, with body and soul, the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of thy son: grant us, we pray, that we may always strive after heavenly things and thus merit to share in her glory.             

Thought of the day
The modem world rewards high achievers. You are a success in life if you gain a high position in the financial, political and business world. You know who you are, and everyone else does, too. But do you really know? Who am I? What is the meaning of the life? There are basic questions that everyone faces and has to try to answer at sometime or others. Our world replies; You are what you are achieve; life means the satisfaction, the fulfillment, of all your hopes and ambition. Somehow or other, these answers do not seem to satisfy for long. Some of the most unhappiest, most dissatisfied people are those who were the most successful according to accepted standards. Try to find the meaning of life in what we accomplish is a useless effort. The only way to find the meaning of life as well as one’s own identity is in trying always to do the will of God. It is only in emptying the self of self will that we really find out who we are?

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