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There will be a PCC meeting on Thursday the 2nd of May at HR.

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Almighty and eternal God, who has taken up into the glory of Heaven, with body and soul, the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of thy son: grant us, we pray, that we may always strive after heavenly things and thus merit to share in her glory.             

Thought of the day
Jesus gave his disciples the authority to act in his name even before they seemed ready for it. When he first sent them out with this new found authority to heal the sick and raise the dead, he must have wondered what they were going to come back with. Sure enough, they came back with tales of success, but also stories about how they sometimes could not quite get it. Jesus’ response was “Oh, faithless and perverse generation, how long must I suffer thee?” Yet he gave them authority, and eventually they became quite good at carrying out the mission. By giving them authority to act, he was delegating power. There was much work to be done that he could not humanly do without them. “The fields are ripe for harvest, but the workers are few.” So he took the workers he did have and gave them authority. As a Christian leader, how much authority do you give your friends, family and fellow workers?

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